Fade away

You asked God for a girl like me, honest, innocent, who would adore you, and fight the world for you.
I had seen what men were capable of and never even dared to hope or pray for a man.
Yet, God answered the prayer you reiterated over and over, and he answered my fearful silence too.

I sacrificed everything I was to prove to you what you already knew, I am yours as you are mine.
All the girls you’re running away with won’t wear my name away from your heart.
Habibi, I may die before you accept it, but know that I’m praying for you not to fall again.
Know that my immolation will save you.

We’ll meet again. I’ll be the same woman.
You’ll know me from my scars, the old and the ones that hereinafter hold your name.
And in one of them, that supplemental heart keeping you alive will fit.
Please, when my heart beats again, let me recognize you too.


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